YouTube and Instagram are arguably the biggest two media consumption applications of our generation. They account for the major decline in the watching time of televisions. There is no form of content that is present on TV which can’t be found on YouTube.

Therefore many people that use Instagram as a creator’s application also have their accounts on YouTube and merge their videos on YouTube as well. They can also share their YouTube videos on their Instagram if they have a bigger audience there in this way they can promote their videos. 

But many new content creators are not able to share their YouTube videos on Instagram which gives rise to the question of how to share YouTube videos on Instagram. 

Sharing YouTube Videos On Instagram

How To Share A YouTube Video On Instagram on PC

The link-sharing option, as well as video sharing, is not directly available between the two platforms of YouTube and Instagram. So, if you directly want to put your video from YouTube to Instagram that is not possible at this moment.

However, there are some applications available that can convert the YouTube video links, and then you download your video and upload it to Instagram. But this is a time-consuming thing and it also requires the use of third-party software. 

The best you can do if you want to share your YouTube video on Instagram is to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Go to the YouTube application if you are on your mobile device. In the case of the computer, go to YouTube with the help of your browser
  • On mobiles, just below the video, you will be able to see a share button, tap on that
  • There will be a copy link icon displayed using a rectangular box. Tap on it and your video link will be copied
  • On the computer, open the video and click on the share button below the video. It will give you the link to the video in a dialogue box with a copy icon next to it. Copy the link by pressing on it
  • Now the process is similar on both mobile and laptop once you have copied the link
  • Go to your Instagram profile
  • There are two ways you can post the link either by pasting it on a story or you can create a post and in the caption add the link of the video. Or you can even add it to your Instagram bio

Following these steps, you can promote or share a YouTube video on Instagram. You can choose any of the above-mentioned things based on where you want the link to be shared. Or if you want to upload the full video there are always apps available that may let you download the YouTube video and it can then be uploaded on Instagram. For now, direct sharing is not an option but in some future updates, it might become a thing as all these applications are continuously updating.

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