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YouTube views are a very important metric to measure a channel’s overall growth. With Qubeviews, you can easily buy YouTube views at affordable prices to kickstart your growth with organic visibility and engagement.

Many new creators start their YouTube channels in the hope that they’ll post videos and get millions of views overnight. But in reality, most new creators don’t even reach their first 100 views which demotivates them to close their channels forever!

As a new YouTube creator, all your channel needs is an initial push and we’ve got everything you’ll need to thrive over the landscape of YouTube.

What are YouTube Views?

YouTube views are an integral metric of the YouTube algorithm to analyse the performance of the video. Creators on YouTube have understood that they need to increase their view count to get noticed by the algorithm and grow organically.

YouTube counts it as a view when a viewer watches your YouTube video for at least or over 30 seconds. Moreover, every time a viewer comes back to watch your video and watches your video for over 30 seconds, it is counted as a view.

One interesting fact about YouTube views is that the ads shown by YouTube are also counted as a view if a viewer watches it for at least 30 seconds. So if you watch an unskippable ad of 20 seconds and only 10 seconds of the actual video, it’ll still be counted as a view because your total watch time would be 30 seconds.

Why are increasing YouTube views important? 

Your YouTube views count is a very important element considered by the YT algorithm to calculate your channel’s success. As a creator on YouTube, your goal should be to increase your view count to enjoy multiple benefits like:

  • Enhanced visibility: Increasing your YouTube views count can positively impact your organic visibility. Enhanced visibility over YouTube can easily help you reach broader audiences which further contributes to your channel’s overall growth.
  • Increased engagement: When you buy YouTube views, your videos reach a large audience. This audience then engages with your content as likes, comments, and shares which fuels your organic engagement over time.
  • Chance to end up on the home page: Buying YouTube views can trick the algorithm into organically promoting your videos and even make them appear on the suggested section of people who don’t even follow you.
  • Unlock Monetization: Buying YouTube views from us can greatly contribute to your overall watch hours. Moreover, the visibility you gain from our service can help you snag a good number of subscribers on YouTube. These two benefits can easily help you unlock monetization on your channel.

How much is Buying YouTube views effective in 2024?

Buying YouTube views has always been an effective method to increase your visibility and engagement. However, you can expect to achieve skyrocketing growth if you’re planning to buy YouTube views in 2024. Our experts have refined our services to help you increase your views effectively to maximise your organic growth over the platform.

Who must buy YouTube Video Marketing Services?

With over 2 billion monthly active users, YouTube has always been a promising social media platform for both businesses and creators. However, growth on YouTube is a time-consuming process and requires lots of hard work. This is where our expertise can help you meet your YouTube goals with our YouTube growth services.

Creators can buy YouTube views from us to give their videos an initial push to increase their visibility, engagement, and impressions over the platform.

On the other hand, new businesses can increase their direct sales if they buy real YouTube views to effectively reach their potential customers who might be interested in their products and services.

How to Buy YouTube Views?

You can buy YouTube views from QubeViews in just 3 easy steps:

Step 1:

Choose from our wide range of pocket-friendly YouTube view packages.

Step 2:
Enter your video URL and email address to get started.

Step 3:
Make your payment to enjoy your YouTube views delivered instantly on your video.

Buy YouTube views just in 3 steps with Qubeviews.

Does it help in Video ranking on YouTube?

Buying YouTube views can do wonders for your channel by boosting your organic visibility, impressions, and engagement. YouTube’s algorithm perceives these boosts as strong signals and thinks “Their content must be great, let’s show it to more people”. 

Once this happens, the algorithm can show your videos in the trending section. In some cases, the algorithm can suggest your videos organically to the audience who might like your content which again, helps in video ranking on YT.

Why choose Qubeviews to buy views for YouTube?

Qubeviews has emerged as one of the best YouTube growth services in the year 2023. With our 100% effective strategies, you are bound to get guaranteed results whenever you buy YouTube views from us. 

At Qubeviews, you can enjoy:


Fastest Delivery with Cutting-Edge Technology

Our state of the art system is based on AI technology which processes your YouTube views right after you place your order. All you need to do is place your order and our cutting-edge system will take care of the rest for you. 

We don’t compromise with your channel’s safety by delivering your YouTube views at a steady pace. We send around 1000 views per minute to maximize your organic growth and keep your channel safe from any spam activities.

Qubeviews delivers YouTube views at the fastest using cutting-edge technology.
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Market’s Best Views System

Unlike other YouTube growth services, we make sure you get a smooth organic growth experience. We just ask for your email address and the video link when you buy views for YouTube.

That’s right! We don’t ask for your passwords when you buy YouTube views, likes, shares, or comments from us. So don’t worry about your account’s safety and enjoy millions of YouTube views with Qubeviews.


100% Security (Verified by our existing customers)

Our website has an integrated 256-bit SSL certificate which keeps your personal data safe from any third parties. Our SSL certificate is like an invisible shield between you and any third-party attackers who might try to get their hands on your data.

Moreover, we provide you with some of the safest payment gateways like Diners, AmEx, VISA, Mastercard, crypto, Apple Pay, and many more to keep your transactions safe and seamless.

100% Security verified by our existing customers for buying YouTube Views
Industry’s Favorite YouTube Marketing Services at Qubeviews


Industry’s Favorite YouTube Marketing Services

Trusted by thousands of brands and influencers, we have surpassed our competitors to become an unmatched social media growth service. Our YouTube services not only help you achieve instant results but also contribute to your long-term organic growth.

When you buy YouTube views from us, the sudden surge triggers the algorithm into thinking that your content is good which is why it’s getting so many views. The algorithm then suggests your video to even more people who watch and engage with your content starting a never-ending cycle of organic growth.


Social Media Marketing Experts Customer Support Team

Need our help? Any queries related to our services? Want to claim a refund?

Our 24×7 Customer support has got you covered!

We have a team of highly professional social media marketing experts as our Customer support team, available 24/7 to solve any queries you might have. Just ring them up, and get your queries solved in no time.

Customer Support Team of Social Media Marketing Experts for buying YouTube views
Buy YouTube Views with Money-Back Guarantee​ - Qubeviews


Money-Back Guarantee​

We deliver what we commit!

You can claim a full refund with our 60-day money-back guarantee on all our products if you don’t receive your YouTube views within the estimated time.

To claim your refund, you can either email us or contact our customer support executives for a smooth settlement.

How much watch time and retention these YouTube views will bring?

The watch time you can get from buying YouTube views from us totally depends upon the number of views you buy. Let’s suppose you buy 500,000 YouTube views from us, then you can expect at least 4,100 watch hours on your video. This is because YouTube counts 1 view on your video after it’s watched for at least 30 seconds. After your purchase, you can expect rapid growth in your audience retention which can increase further if your video starts gaining organic visibility.


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Frequently Ask Questions.

We love our clients and provide 100% mind satisfaction. If you still need any other question, please get in touch with us.

Yes, buying YouTube views does work and it can prove to be a highly beneficial move for your YouTube channel considering all the benefits you’ll gain from it in the long run. If you’re a US-based creator then you can buy USA YouTube views from us to skyrocket your revenue and organic visibility.

Qubeviews delivers 100% original and quality views from authentic YouTube users whenever you buy YouTube views from us. These views can give your videos an initial push and contribute to your long-term organic growth on the platform.

When you buy YouTube views from QubeViews, it significantly increases your reach and organic views which are crucial for any YouTube creator. Increasing your organic views and reach can help YouTube’s algorithm to notice your content which can result in even more organic reach, views, and engagement in the long run. And the best part is that it won’t even cost a penny!

Your view-to-comment ratio can be a great metric to measure your video’s success. If your videos have around 2,000 views and about 5 comments, then your view-to-comment ratio will be 400:1. So, you should be aiming to get this ratio to 20:1 for continued success on YouTube.

The more, the better. There is no fixed number of views required to boost your YouTube videos, however, you should buy as many YouTube views as you can to boost your videos without fail.

Buying YouTube views is a completely legal and safe procedure so your video won’t get banned if you buy YouTube views.

Buying YouTube views is a completely safe process. But to be on the safer side, we suggest you turn off monetization when you buy YouTube views from us. You can turn it back on once we’ve delivered your views. We deliver real YouTube views from authentic users to keep your channel safe and sound from any spam activities which might alarm the algorithm.

Buying YouTube views has a direct impact on your analytics report where you can clearly notice how your views, impressions, watch hours, and engagement increase after you buy YouTube views.

Getting a million views on YouTube can be a huge ordeal for most newbie creators which requires immense hard work and dedication. On the other hand, a creator can buy 1 million YouTube views at cheap and pocket-friendly prices from Qubeviews.

Qubeviews deliver free YouTube views with every order. Select your favorite service, enter your video link and wait for an army of viewers coming on your video. Also when you purchase paid views from us, your organic reach starts to grow and bring you HQ video views.

No, the number of views on your YouTube video won’t decrease once the views have been counted.

We provide multiple YouTube growth services where you can:

  • Buy YouTube Likes
  • Buy YouTube Shares
  • Buy YouTube Watch Hours
  • Buy YouTube comments