Sometimes you have to manage more than one Instagram account. For example, a personal account, a business account, and one for your hobby or pet. This is a tough job to handle, but it is necessary to keep professional and personal life separate. Moreover, people follow accounts of specific niches like fashion, makeup, or cars.

You dream about millions of followers, but you are tired of logging in and out for every post. In this situation, linking your accounts is the best option that works for you. Instagram offers two different facilities to manage your multiple accounts.

  • Multiple linked accounts 
  • Multiple logins (login all accounts at a time without a link)

Both work almost the same and let you manage all of your accounts easily.
If you have never tried account linking and want to learn how to use this feature, read this article carefully. Now, will not have to worry about how can you keep on gaining Instagram followers on both of your accounts respectively. This is a step-by-step guide, so you never get confused. Then, let’s get into it.

Steps to Link Two Instagram Accounts

Linking Instagram accounts is extremely easy and takes a few seconds. To link, follow these steps given below.

  • Log in to your account
  • Tap on the hamburger sign 
  • Go to settings 
  • Here scroll down, and under the login, you find login info
  • Click on it 
  • You got an option of linking 

Connect Multiple Instagram Accounts

  • You can set one login for more than one accounts

Your accounts have been linked; now, you can log in using single login information, i.e. password and username.

How to Unlink Two Instagram Accounts?

If you were using a linked account, but now you want to disconnect both accounts, Instagram allows this. It is a simple process, and whenever you need to link again, you can connect again. To unlink accounts, follow these guidelines.

  • Open Instagram profile
  • Click on three lines and go to settings
  • Go to log out of both accounts 
  • On the Login page, you can see linked account
  • An option comes to ask if you want login for both accounts
  • Stay for a second, and you come up with an X option 
  • They ask for surety because for the next login, and you have to put all login information 
  • Accept it 

Now your accounts are unlinked, and you can use them separately with different logins.
In case your area doesn’t support this feature, then you can use multiple logins. To do multiple logins, follow these steps.

  • Go to settings
  • Click on add or switch account 
  • Here you find a + sign to add an account 

Add Account on Instagram

  • Tap on it, and here they ask you whether you want to login with your existing account or create a new one
  • Choose an option according to your preference
  • After creating or logging in to your accounts. Now you can switch accounts by tapping your name on profile, on the left top corner 
  • After clicking, you can see a list of your accounts 
  • Touch each, and it will switch to another one

Pros and Cons of Linking Instagram Accounts


When you link two or more Instagram accounts, you don’t need to remember the login information of each account. With the login information of a single account, you can access all accounts. Moreover, you can use all of them at a time without any distraction from login and logout.


Linked accounts are connected, but if you know the password of one account, it gets access to all related accounts. Moreover, you can’t share your business account with your partner if you link it with a personal account.

You can link and unlink your accounts without any restrictions. Instagram lets you do it every time, so try this feature and do what is suitable for you. This would help you post on both of your accounts and gain maximum likes on your posts.

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