Instagram is the most popular social media application in the world with a gigantic number of active users. It is known for the versatile nature of the content. You can find businesses, celebrity officials and fan pages, and all sorts of people on Instagram.

It is extremely popular among influencers who have many followers and create content for people to enjoy and even informative things. The main reason for this is that the exposure and algorithm on Instagram are amazing and you can use hashtags to promote your posts. There are even story features for connecting better with your audience.

Privacy And Security Features On Instagram 

Privacy And Security Features On Instagram 

Instagram offers great privacy features as well. For starters, you can make your account private in this way no one will be able to see your stories or posts. There is also a feature that if you get a message from someone who you don’t follow that will be sent directly to the other’s inbox and if you don’t accept it, it won’t show that you have read that message. Similarly, you block and report if someone is annoying you as well.

Another neat feature that can be used to keep privacy is to turn off the active status. And many people do ask the question of how to turn off active status on Instagram. Through this, even the people that you follow and they follow you can’t see if you are online or not.

Turning Off Active Status

turn off active status in Instagram?

You can turn off your active status either if you are on a phone or a computer device. If you are using Instagram on a mobile device. Follow the below instructions:

  • This is valid for both IOS and android devices. First, go to the Instagram application on your device and open the app
  • Go to your profile by tapping on the right bottom corner where your display picture is visible 
  • Once into the profile page, tap on the three lines located on the top right corner of the application 
  • It will slide towards different menus. On the bottom of them, you will find the settings button. Tap on that and it will take you to settings
  • Locate the privacy option and tap on it
  • Locate through the menu and find the activity status
  • There is a bar next to ‘Show activity status 
  • Tap on the bar and it will slide towards the left turning off your activity.

On A Computer Device:

  • First, go to your browser and open Instagram from there, and log in to your profile
    click on profile on instagram
  • Go to the menu option and from there click on the settingsclick on setting on pc
  • It will take you to the privacy and security options by clicking on it you will be taken directly to the slider which shows your activity statusClick on privacy and security
  • Uncheck the box that says show activity status and your activity status will be hidden from everyone.activity status on pc

These are simple and easy steps that let you be more private on Instagram.

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