In today’s era, everyone likes to post about their lives on social media. Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms where people share their life events. When others share their life experiences, we can resonate with them and may like their posts as well. As an Instagram user, have you ever wondered what others have liked on Instagram? Before 2019, it was very easy to see what someone liked on Instagram using the app. Nevertheless, today it isn’t possible to check others’ likes using the Instagram app. Although this method no longer works, there are other ways to go around it. If you’d like to see what the other person has liked, there is a way to do so. 

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How To See What Someone Has Liked On Instagram?

You can use this simple method to see what others have liked on Instagram. Follow these simple steps. 

  1. Open your Instagram app on your phone or laptop.
  2. Choose the Instagram profile whose likes you want to see. 
  3. Then go to the “following” tab. This tab shows you the profiles of all the people that this particular person is following. 
  4. Choose any Instagram profile that the person is following. 
  5. Scroll through the posts that are available on the profile. 
  6. See the likes under each of the posts to see whether the person has liked that post or not. 

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This seems to be a difficult way to see someone’s likes, doesn’t it? Don’t worry. There is a simpler way to see others like on the app. Third-party apps like Snoopreport are a great way to see other’s activities on Instagram. Here’s how to use Snoopreport to see what others have liked on Instagram.

How To Use Snoopreport?

Follow these steps to see what someone likes. 

  1. Download the Snoopreport app and create your account by signing up. Enter your email and password. Download Snoop Report App
  2. When you are registered, you will be taken to your dashboard. Here you can delete or add any Instagram accounts. Start by adding an Instagram account for tracking their likes. When you add several accounts, use a row list or comma. 
  3. When you add the username, the Instagram users will show in the dropdown list. Choose the correct one. Keep in mind that this app only works for public Instagram accounts. Enter Instagram account you want to snoop
  4. After adding the account, choose the time package of either 4, 26, or 52 weeks to begin with the monitoring. Select Time Package
  5. After you have added the time to the accounts, the monitoring will automatically start. If you wish to add more accounts, you can monitor them by clicking the option of “buy time”. Click on Buy Time
  6. Your first account report likes of followers will become available to you in a week. To see them, just select the report time frame and then click. 
  7. After this, you will be shown the Snoopreport for the Instagram account that you have added. Here is how your report looks like. Results

You can also check the Qubeviews Instagram Services.

With the simple methods mentioned above, you can easily see what others have liked on Instagram. 

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