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Frequently Asked Questions

Before you decide upon buying Instagram likes, followers, comments, etc. there is one thing that you should also consider if you are not yet convinced.
Here are some frequently asked questions that may be useful in answering some of your queries.

Are these likes active and real?

While some services use illegitimate methods, we only use the organic and real way to deliver the likes. When you share a post, we show it to our network users. Those who have opted for the program will then post alike for you.

How does this work?

Your Instagram account is promoted through media partners. Our community helps us with this task, and therefore you get only active and real likes, comments, and views. We’ve got an integrated system with Qubeviews that gets your profile boosted to claim a better social media presence.

Are these Instagram services permeant or drop overtime?

While the number of followers may change in the days after your purchase, they will become stable after a while and be increased only as natural growth. So, yes, your likes, comments, etc. that you purchase will be permanent, and in case of loss, we will be replacing and refilling them for you.

Is it safe to buy Instagram likes, comments, views, etc.?

Absolutely! Keeping your account safe is amongst our top priorities. We use those promotional techniques that are approved, so you do not have to worry about the safety of your account.

When will my order be processed?

90% of the orders that we receive are processed almost instantly within 12 hours of order conferment. In most cases, you will start receiving your order within 1-2 hours of the order.

Can others tell that I have bought likes?

No, of course not! These likes are like any other like because we only deliver them in a natural manner. The only way people may know is when you tell them about it.

Do you need my password to process my order?

No. We do not require any passwords to get your Instagram followers, likes, comments, auto likes, etc. We just need the profile/post link or the video link that you need our service for.

Does buying Instagramfollowers, likes, comments, auto likes, and views work?

Yes, absolutely. Buying Instagram likes, followers, auto likes, comments, views, etc. surely works because it is the easiest way to kickstart your social media activity.

It is illegal to buy Instagram followers and likes?

No. It is not illegal to get promotional services because there is no law that states anything against them.

Is buying Instagram views, followers, likes, comments, etc. a scam?

Not. Buying these social media promotional services is not a scam. Buying these promotional services are a useful way to make yourself visible and are not a scam.


Buy Instagram Services from QubeViews

Buy Instagram Followers, Likes, Views, Auto likes & Comments with instant delivery



Money Back GuaranteeAre you on Instagram and want instant fame with lots of publicity? The solution is here on Qubeviews. Get a rocket boost for your Instagram presence and become viral for social media marketing. We’ve got the best Followers, Likes, Auto-likes, Video Views, and Comments for Instagram in the market.

Everyone, somewhere in their life must have dreamt of becoming popular without having to put any sort of effort. When we talk about the world of social media, it does seem sort of impossible, doesn’t it? Instagram, like other social media sites, allows users to actively participate in creating a profile that represents them. Using this profile, social media sites like Instagram take the opportunity of making you famous. Being a social media platform with over 1.2 billion users, and the highest engagement amongst all other platforms, people aspire to use Instagram to become popular.

While some conditions need to be met to become popular on Instagram, it is not at all possible to do so. All you need to do is to get more followers to know about your profile. This is where we can come to your help! We offer you real Instagram likes, followers, views, comments, and auto likes to give your profile a boost and make you popular!

Why should you QubeViews?

We offer Instagram likes, comments, views, followers, and auto likes. Why should we be your choice amongst all others? Here are a few reasons why you should let us do the job!

  1. Quick and instant delivery.
  2. Safe and reliable.
  3. A powerful boost to your profile.
  4. High-quality services.
  5. Best customer reviews.
  6. 24/7 supportive staff.
  7. No password required.
  8. Easy and quick purchase.
  9. Quality Guarantee.
  10. Retention Warranty.


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Why are paid likes, followers, views, comments, and auto likes needed?

A simple answer to that is because you need to get popular and make your place in the competitive market. While there are other ways to get famous like posting interesting content, and engaging your audience, there is no quicker and easier way of getting popular than purchasing Instagram likes, followers, video views, etc.

There is no other option that gives a stable warranty for the services. If you take it the right way, people will view your profile as being naturally developed and hence will be encouraged to follow you. This is how paid promotion services like Qubeviews ensure that your profile reaches a wider audience without the need for much effort on your part. And this is exactly why you need to get more Instagram followers, likes, views, comments, and auto likes.

How to buy Instagram likes, views, etc. from us!

The process of buying Instagram followers, views, auto likes, comments, etc. is rather simple. Follow this simple step-by-step guide to get whatever services you want!

  1. Select the product that you want like Instagram views, likes, comments, etc.
  2. Select the quantity of the product i.e., how many likes, comments, etc. you want to buy from us.
  3. Enter the required account details for the processing of the order.
  4. Make the payment through the method of your choice.
  5. Take a seat and relax while we give your account a powerful boost!

Benefits of purchasing Instagram likes, views, comments, etc.

There are multiple benefits that you get when you purchase Instagram views, likes, comments, etc. and some of these are described below.

  1. Give your account a boost!

As there are millions of people using Instagram, it is tough for beginners to set their position amongst the competitors. Buying Instagram likes, comments, followers, etc. can become a powerful boost to grow your account instantly. This increased number of likes, comments, and followers can help you grow your audience and give your account a boost.

  1. Be on the top of the list.

Buying Instagram likes, followers, comments, views, etc. can grow your audience to the point that you can come to the top of the ranking list. The new rules of social media like Instagram depend less on the followers you have more on your engagement. If you have many followers and they do not show any sort of interest in the posts, you may get less reach. That’s why you must buy Instagram views and likes along.

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