Every Instagram user or creator stalk another account at some point of his using time. It’s pretty natural and sometimes to check the follower count and amazing Instagram stories. Maybe someone has been a competitor of yours in the business race or someone’s friend who was on your following list. Now, he is no longer has interaction with you, but you want to view his Instagram stories without knowing them.

But before stalking anyone, the user must have a public profile and have not blocked you at any time. But watching others’ stories on Instagram by skipping the viewer status who is not listing it seems to be a unique experience.  Because seeing other accounts is something awkward when they know about you.

If you want to do this,” how to view Instagram stories without getting noticed” is possible with the following strategy.

I am going to explain and highlight three ways to achieve this fantastic experience with your Instagram profile. You will not get noticed with these methods.

Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously On A PC

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It’s one of the easiest ways to watch stories on Instagram, and it requires some tools, and you can use online tools websites to do this.

Just go through the chrome web store and search for an extension providing a story viewing feature. After getting that extension, click on the wing and put the respective handle correctly. If you enter the spellings and handle name correctly, it will show the Instagram profile pictures and the details of recent stories.

story viewer

Now, you can watch any story without knowing the user. This technique can be used with the website online by searching “Instagram story viewer anonymously.” You may find many websites offering that service freely. Just put the URL of the profile you want to talk about, and it will open up all the details, including Instagram stories.

Anonymously Watch Instagram Stories on A Cell Phone ( Android or IOS)

Are you need to search for Instagram stories without getting caught on an android phone? Yeah, you are at the right place.

For this, you may download any application from the Google play store or apple store and start stalking any account anonymously. Just download the application and log in to your Instagram account. After entering your profile, you can find a search box to stalk anyone.

Put the handle of the person you want to watch his Instagram story, and your account must be public and has not blocked you. Open the desired performance, and you can see stories he has just uploaded.

Now happily, you can watch Instagram stories without knowing them. 

Why Do You Need To Watch Anonymously Of Other Instagram Accounts?

There are several reasons to watch and stalk other profiles secretly. They might have influencers and want to do proper research before starting a campaign. 

Many business owners and companies research before getting into the market. They stalk the competitors to start a better start-up and overcome the weaknesses of their rivals.

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