If you are an active internet user, you will know about the recent craze over the clubhouse app. Marketers, startup founders, celebrities, and everyone else from teachers to doctors are now joining this app. As people join, they are now learning about different things from people who are in other rooms in the app.

This seems to be a very good option, serving as a special network app that gives people the opportunity to communicate during this ongoing crisis. But the question is, what is a clubhouse? And what makes it so special? Those who want to join the app often ask about how to get invited to the clubhouse. If you are among those people, you have come to the right place!

What Is The Clubhouse App?

Being an audio-chatting app, the clubhouse is a social media networking app that allows users to be a part of any discussion. This app works like a conference call where people talk to one another, but it is usually a few people who do the talking while others just sit back and listen. These audio sessions are about different topics, that are often marked. If you are invited, you can sign yourself up and decide upon the topics that are of your interest.

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How To Get An Invite To The Clubhouse App?

How To Get An Invite To The Clubhouse App?

 Before you get an invite to the application, you need to have the application downloaded to your device. The clubhouse invitation follows a simple rule that is to invite others in the queue who are next to you. Here are some simple steps to get invited to the clubhouse app.

  1.   When you enter the chat room, add yourself to the queue.
  2.   Wait for the arrival of your turn and be sure to stay online as much as possible, so you are not missed out.
  3.   Someone who is in the queue before you will be sending you an invite when they get in. You will have to give your mobile number (country code included) through a private chat. Regardless of the country, this app is currently available for users of iPhone only.
  4.   Once you are invited, you must wait for a while. Sometimes, the users will have to wait for even 15 minutes before they receive the invite.
  5.   When you receive your invitation, confirm it, and then invite 2 more people who are next to you in the queue using your invites.

Sometimes, it can take a while to get into the clubhouse. Unless you are lucky enough to get in with ease because of the right people, you might have to patiently wait till others invite you. Sometimes people wonder, is the wait worth it? The answer to that is, yes! The wait is worth it because you get the chance to connect and then converse with some of the most influential people of society including popular artists. So, once you are in, you will understand the hype that this app has recently gained.