While YouTube may be the greatest objective for online recordings (also one of the web’s biggest interpersonal organizations), Twitch is the enormous name around when you’re searching for live streaming substance. YouTube Live has attempted to fill this specialty, yet no real-time feature has developed as extensively as Twitch in a short measure of time.

Twitch isn’t only for gaming and gamers, however, regardless of whether it may seem like it from the first page of the site. It has gradually extended its span to incorporate substance like music streams, public broadcasts, web recordings, alongside its two significant non-gaming classes: Creative, which centers fundamentally around showing the production of craftsmanship and different activities, and IRL (In Real Life), which permits clients to stream themselves approaching their day by day lives.

With these various elements accessible to see, there’s something for nearly anybody, regardless of their inclinations.
While clip saving and exporting isn’t excessively hard for most to achieve from their work area program, you’ll host a third-get-together apparatus to download full documented streams to your PC for disconnected playback.

Exporting from Twitch to YouTube

When asked “how to export videos from twitch to YouTube”, here is a short guide!

  • Go to the website of Twitch.
  • On the top right corner of the window, you will see your profile icon.
  • Click on that option. A drop-down will appear with different options. Select the option named “Video Producer.”

Export Twitch Videos to YouTube Step 1

  • Once you click the Video producer option, you’ll switch a window showing you all of your previous videos.
  • Click on the three dots of the video that you want to export to YouTube. A drop-down will appear with multiple options. Click on the Export option.

Export Twitch Videos to YouTube Step 2

  • A popup menu will appear with some of the required fields including Title, description, tags, and option whether you want your video to be public or private. At last, there is the option of the length of your video also. After you’re done filling all these fields click on the button “start export”

Export Twitch Videos to YouTube Step 3

Once downloaded in any suitable way, the clips can be moved to YouTube and can be watched even offline adding to your YouTube video views.

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