If you are as active as the majority of the population on social media, you must have heard of the Clubhouse app, the invite-only app that is trending nowadays. This exclusive platform, audio-only, is a place that has accumulated celebrities, brought together talent shows, and encouraging interesting conversations. This “highly exclusive” social media app is open only to those who are invited by other members; no one else.

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The founders have mentioned that in the near future, the “invite-only” status is likely to be dropped. The Clubhouse app has only been in the market for a year and is already worth $4 billion. Of course, as an outsider, one must be dying to know what is going on inside. Here is all about how the Clubhouse app works:

Working of Clubhouse?

If you haven’t already questioned yourself ‘how does the clubhouse work?’ you would really soon, considering the rate at which it is gaining popularity. The Clubhouse is a free social media network that revolves around sharing audio content. The solely verbal communication restriction eliminates all worries about eye contact, dressing up, and backgrounds. Inside the clubhouse, there are “rooms” where members are engaged in conversation, and users can jump into or out of any room at any time. You will find famous stars in the deep conversation here and members can contribute to the conversation by “raising” their hands.

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Members get to enjoy lectures, performances, comedy shows, debates, and much more all at no cost. The only restriction is the prohibition of recording. The ‘clubhouse’ offers members a secure place to discuss issues and answer questions, showcase talents and attend lectures, share stories, and much more. Just like at a house party, you can also engage others; friends or strangers, in conversations. You get to enjoy an experience of a clubhouse from the comfort of your home; what more could you ask for?

Who Are Members Of The Clubhouse?


The majority of the members of the Clubhouse are celebrities. When the app started off in December 2020, it had 3500 members from across the globe. Currently, there are more than a million Clubhouse users worldwide including popular stars like Oprah, Ashton Kutcher, Chrissy Teigan, and many more. Over time, starting off as a very small, highly exclusive group, the Clubhouse has really taken off.

How Would I Be Able To Join The Clubhouse?

How Would I Be Able To Join The Clubhouse?

To become one of the members of this exclusive group, you need an invite. Every member starts off with one invite that they can give to another individual. Over time, they get three more invites. To join the group, you need a member to invite you, after which you can ultimately invite four others. The network setting has now been adjusted so that each member begins with two invites and gets more and more after several weeks.

Rules That The Members Need To Follow

The rules of this Clubhouse are loose. Discriminatory and aggressive behavior towards others is highly discouraged but how the conversation is handled is entirely up to the hosts or moderators in the room.

Some moderators like discipline and allow speakers to take the stage one by one. If, as a member of the audience, you wish to speak up, you need to raise your hand.

This highly exclusive network is gradually expanding to include more and more members over time. It is expected that in the near future you would be able to join even without an invite.