The clubhouse is all about vocal and spoken conversations instead of text-based ones like in the case of other social media networks. This application allows you to host your conversations, listen to what others have to say, and in other cases, you can join in the conversations already taking place. Being like a radio, it is mostly about people conversing. The difference, however, is that there are just one or two people who speak while the rest just sit back and listen. If you want to know more about the clubhouse, this is the right place for you. Some people ask about “how to join clubhouse”, so we have answered it for you!

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The clubhouse has been the talk of the town lately because of its reputation for creativity and innovation. Being an audio chat application, it provides the user and brand-new experience in contrast to other social media platforms.

How Can You Join Clubhouse?

Because this is a new service, the clubhouse is to develop a proper operation manual. Also, some tools are not yet available and accessible to the users. Directly, there is no exact way to join a club in the clubhouse, but all the existing clubs allow users to follow them. To get into clubhouse, there are only two ways to go about it, and both need close relations with those who are already on the app.

By Personal Invite

By Personal Invite

When someone gets to join the clubhouse, they are automatically given an invite that they can use to invite someone with their phone number. The members can send these invitations to those who have a close connection with them like a good friend. When someone is in the clubhouse for some time, and they spend time speaking and moderating rooms, you can get more invites for sending to others.

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Exclusive Side-Door

When you visit the website of clubhouse, you see an option of downloading the app from the app store, so your username is reserved. Based on how many friends of yours use the clubhouse, they receive a notification that you have downloaded the app and reserved your name. With this, your friends can wave you even when they do not have the official invitation for sending yet.

Benefits Of Using Clubhouse.

Benefits of using clubhouse

At its very best, the clubhouse has multiple benefits that it offers to the users.

1. Interactivity

Clubhouse uses audio chat rooms that users can join and converse in. Each of these rooms has an interactive, live, and unfiltered podcast. You can converse with others, raise your hand for questions, talk to the guest speakers and audience, etc. So, in short, it becomes a good way of interacting with others over interesting topics.

2. Networking

Chat rooms discuss a wide variety of topics that may be related to any business goals, can be useful in developing solid connections with those who have interests similar to yours. You can also get help with what you need or have strategic planning for growth.

3. Expertise

The clubhouse also gives you access to those subject matters and expert ideas that are normally not in your reach. With this, you can get more experience and greater expertise.