With the advent of technology, it has become possible for us to move to the big screen for the apps we were using on our smartphones. Smart TV has enhanced human interaction with technology better. YouTube has evolved itself in many ways in recent years, and it is no wonder to say that the app has improved to too much extent. Some features are still not recognizable to the people.  YouTube version on your smart TV is still the topic of discussion. Though YouTube is now accessible to your smart TV there still arose some questions like, how to make YouTube full screen on TV?

How To Make YouTube Full-Screen On TV?

Watch Youtube on Tv

YouTube is an open-source of so many things for the people. people are able to watch fun videos, information, and movies. You can watch them on your smart TV very easily. But most people are unable to watch the full video on smart TV. Being unaware of the methods of using YouTube on the television people restricts themselves to the mobile phone only. If you have been one of them, don`t worry, here is a proper guide for you.

  • connect your smart TV to a stable internet connection.
  • Open the YouTube app on your smart TV. You can see the black bars above and below the video.
  • To remove this problem, and to watch the movies in ultra HD mode, the settings of your smart TV should be changed.
  • Go to the settings of your smart TV by clicking on the owner’s manual. You can see the image ratio there.
  • Change the image ratio of your screen to 16:9. This ratio is supportable for wide-screen videos.
  • Go to your YouTube and play any video now. Adjust the full-screen size by expanding the video size, from the bottom feature.
  • The black bands will be removed, and the video will be displayed in full-screen HD mode.

You can enjoy your videos in full-screen HD mode.

Youtube users are increasing day by day and most of the peoples are

Why Do You See These Black Bands Above And Below Your Video?

Why Do You See These Black Bands Above And Below Your Video?

This is a widely used question that must have been raised in your mind as well. Well, it is because the movies or high-quality videos are generally captured in Pan and scan mode that gives you full HD video in the best quality. The movies that we often see on YouTube are uploaded by people whose intentions are to get YouTube views, subscribers, shares, and gain maximum YouTube likes. Those people are generally using those videos illegally and to avoid the copyright they have to make some amendments in the YouTube videos so that YouTube does not block them. They put these black bands above and below the screen to avoid all those copyright acts. These bands do not cause much trouble because they are restricted to the upper and lower part of the screen and does not interpret the video. In spite of those bands, you can still enjoy the high-quality videos.

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