An attractive profile picture on your YouTube DP can be value-driven for your channel. It can influence your viewers and subscribers. A choice of a more classic theme can lead other people to like and subscribe to your channel. And your channel growth can reach maximum in a limited time.

Many people counter the problem of being unable to change their profile picture that may be due to multiple reasons. But the thing is worth worrying about when you don’t upgrade your channel. You should keep on upgrading your channel to make sure of the commitment of your subscribers. In fact, this upgrading will help you increase your YouTube subscribers as well. The article will cover the reason and the solution to the problem of changing profile pictures.

Why Is My YouTube Profile Picture Not Changing?

There can be multiple reasons why YouTube is not allowing you to change your profile picture. A few of them are discussed here.

  • This is a common question because in many cases YouTube is not allowing people to change their profile pictures. That may be due to technical errors. If some technical error appears wait for at least 24 hours until the problem is solved. If you are still unable to solve the problem, reload your previous DP and wait for another 24 hours. It will surely solve the error.
  • Another reason may that the picture you want to upload is very big. Because YouTube allows you to change profile picture that is of a limited size. Size adjustment is important while you want to change the profile picture.

How To Adjust The Size Of The Picture?

You can do it via your gallery or by going to your chrome browser through some picture adjustment tool. Make sure that the picture you want to upload must be of the size of less than 2MBs. And the file format should be JPEG. That will result in a smaller adjustable picture. That you can post now easily on your profile using a computer.

Most probably, people are not following the right way to change a profile picture. We shall describe here the proper method to change the profile picture on YouTube.

Changing Profile Picture On YouTube

Just after you finish adjusting your profile picture size. The picture is now ready to upload which you can upload by the following steps.

  • Go to your browser and type YouTube.
  • Log in to your channel by clicking on the top right corner of the interface. A pop-up will appear. Enter your email and password in that box.
  • You will be logged in to your account. Go to your profile by clicking on my profile option in the top right corner.

Change YouTube Profile Picture Step 1

  • Your channel will be open. You can change the profile directly from here or via the YouTube studio.

Change YouTube Profile Picture Step 2

  • Click on the profile image that already exists. There will be options asking you the source to change your profile image.
  • Browse your device and choose the photo you have adjusted. Add it to your profile picture and click on save changes.

Change YouTube Profile Picture Step 3

  • Your profile picture is changed successfully.

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