YouTube being a video-sharing app allows its users to get creative and explore their unique talents. People make all kinds of videos from cooking videos, makeup tutorials, gaming videos, DIY videos as well as daily life vlogs, if there is anything you need to learn YouTube is the right place to go. Users make a video using different techniques and edit them in a way that is enjoyable for viewers.

YouTube works in a way that anyone can make an account, upload videos get YouTube views and likes on it as well gain YouTube subscribers on their account. If their account is monetized the YouTube video views will determine their pay. This way people can earn money and that too by showing their talents and doing what they love. Viewers in turn can share the videos as much as they can and increase the video engagement eventually due to the shares. This will help the YouTuber become more visible and get on the main recommendations page.


The iMovie app is user-friendly and a relatively really good app to edit out videos. It is used by many YouTubers to edit their videos allowing features like putting together different video clips, putting music or any other sound in the background as well as much more additional features to choose from. All in all this app is a perfect choice for beginners to learn and experiment with their editing skills.

Unfortunately, this is easy to edit, and the all-in-one app is only available to MAC users.

Steps to Upload from iMovie to YouTube

Many people edit from the iMovie app but find it hard to find how to upload that video on YouTube. This easy step-to-step guide will help you perform this task very easily and you will be able to upload the video you always wanted to.

  • Open the iMovie app from your applications folder.
  • From the iMovie app go to your project folder and open the project that needs to be uploaded on YouTube.

Upload iMovie Videos on YouTube step 1

  • Select the share option from the toolbar.
  • There are different applications to select from to upload that video. Select YouTube & Facebook.

Upload iMovie Videos on YouTube step 2

  • You will be able to edit things like the title, description, category, and resolution, etc. from the pop-up window that must have appeared.
  • Once you have made your desired changes select ‘Next’ at the bottom right to proceed forward.

Upload iMovie Videos on YouTube step 3

  • A new window will appear that will allow you to save the file on your MAC book. Click save to save the file.

Upload iMovie Videos on YouTube step 4

  • Sign in to your YouTube account.
  • Select create then upload the video saved from iMovie on YouTube.

Now you can make new videos every day by being creative and experimenting with your skills, get more creative by editing them on the iMovie app, learning new things about editing gradually and become a pro at it. Enjoy uploading these videos on YouTube and engaging with your audience to get feedback!

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