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Buy YouTube Ads Views

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12 reviews for Buy YouTube Ads Views

  1. Pauline

    I'm running a health related youtube channel, I was looking to get real youtube ads views which must came from adwords campaigns. I tried with Qubeviews, got astonished when I got views from adwords campaigns and even on request they send me sreenshot/PDF of my campaign. Extremely recommended.

  2. Dana Allen

    I tried many vendors to buy youtube ads views, but Qubeviews stands at first position with affordable price tag and report of Adwords campaign.

  3. Amelie Childers

    I didn’t any views drop until now. It has been over 7 months since I’m purchasing ad views from them for my campaigns.

  4. Carl Kaplan

    Great service and great company!

  5. David Ocasio

    Real views they guarantee and all the views show up from real genuine people not like other bot views and got ads campaign screenshot.

  6. Debbie Turner

    Great company for improving your Youtube video views presence through ads views.

  7. Arnaud Belair

    I Bought a couple of views packages for my new music video and everything worked as stated on the site.

  8. Audric Sirois

    exceptional service. Your channel size don’t matter at all cuz the views give u a great boost and promotion

  9. Kauã Rocha Fernandes

    there may be several YT views sellers out there offering the same service as qubeviews, and maybe even cheaper, but from my own experience qubeviews service is the one that I can say is reliable and fast.

  10. Alfie Cunningham

    My video is giving good signs on analytics since I bought the views on it. I am tracking the source and all the views are coming from genuine referral sources!

  11. Bianca Hebblethwaite

    Their customer team is really professional and easy to reach out to. I first had a few doubts before purchasing. But they attended to all my queries pretty wel..

  12. Josh Wilson

    The email support was so cool and also gave me a 20% first time discount

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