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You want to increase the reach and engagement of your IGTV videos and might be searching for a reliable service provider. Qubeviews is most likely the best platform to fulfill your requirements because of its pricing, quality, and quick service.



What Is An IGTV Video?

Instagram is continuously adding new features to generate interest among its users and attract new users to their platform. IGTV is one of them. It has the potential to engage people by providing entertainment, learning, information, and opportunities to build their businesses.

Moreover, the main target of IGTV is to connect more people. For this, you have to get IGTV views.

If you have that spark to engage an untapped audience, you need to buy IGTV views to boost your Instagram influence. Buying IGTV views not only promotes your targeted videos but also ensures the popularity of your future videos.

Also, if you are running a business, purchasing IGTV views will help you gain the trust of your existing followers and new visitors.

Qubeviews offers the best IGTV views service to make sure your content reaches the maximum audience. We are here to help you so you can achieve your goal.

Features Of Our Instagram TV Views

1. Real IGTV Views

Qubeviews provides IGTV views from real and active accounts so you can get more followers and views on your IGTV videos. Real views have a positive effect on your account. It makes your account gain more attention from the Instagram algorithm, which may lead your video to the explore page. As a result, you get more traffic and new followers.

2. No Password Needed

We care about our customer’s privacy. Therefore, we don’t ask for passwords. We only require your account username and video URL to deliver your order. 

3. Fast Delivery

We have speedy delivery because we understand it is tough to wait for something you want eagerly. So, we never make you wait, and so we deliver your order at the promised time. As you place your order and checkout, within minutes, we start working on it. 

4. 100% Safe & Secure

Our payment methods are safe and secure, and we only use well-known payment methods that provide safety at their ends. Furthermore, we also keep your data and transaction information to ourselves. We never share our customers’ data with anyone. 

5. 24/7 Customer Support

We have an enthusiastic staff that is ready to answer you 24/7. You can ask whenever you have any queries related to our services or about your order. Good customer service is a sign of an authentic service provider. We make sure to help you whenever you need our assistance. 

6. Better Customer Experience 

All our customers are happy with our services. Purchase from Qubeviews has long-lasting and positive effects on your account. This is all because of the excellent quality service provided by real accounts. 

In addition, we also have a straightforward interface to make buying services more accessible. It is just a matter of a few clicks.

7. Extra Views Guaranteed

We always deliver views more than you order. Other similar services mostly deliver fewer IGTV views, but we make sure to do anything that builds stronger relationships with our customers.

Benefits of Buying IGTV Views

1. Increase Account Reputation

Videos with more views make your account look more authentic, creative, and trustworthy. So buying views for your IGTV video makes your account attractive for new visitors. Furthermore, this also elevates your account standard enough to get noticed by the Instagram algorithm. As a result, Instagram starts suggesting your videos to more accounts, and it starts getting organic growth.

2. High Reach and Engagement 

If you get enough views in the starting hour, this raises the chance of your video becoming viral. Including this, a video with more likes can grab more attention from the audience. A large number of views creates curiosity to know the reason behind so many views. This also creates a good image in their mind, and results will be new views.

3. Boast Sale of Business Accounts

IGTV videos are the best choice to talk about your business in detail. Long videos are a good source to let people know more about your product. 

Buying IGTV views enhances your product credibility and trust that increases sales. Without any doubt, we can say that the audience likes to purchase from an account with more views. Grab this chance to flourish your business and grow in days.

4. Organic Growth 

High views on your IGTV videos let new users discover your account, and there is more chance of featuring on the explore page. Both conditions lead your account to grow organically.

How To Buy IGTV Views?

Buying IGTV views makes your account grow in less time. If you want to get this, follow these steps.

  • Visit to check our variety of packages and choose the best fit for you
  • Add required data, including username and video URL
  • After submission of all details, you move to the payment page
  • As you complete the process, now you need to wait for few hours

We make sure the fastest delivery is within 24 hours. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We love our clients and provide 100% mind satisfaction. If you still need any other question, please get in touch with us.

Q.1 Is it safe to buy Instagram Tv views?

Yes, this is safe because we take every possible step to make this process favorable for you, like good quality and real views. Around the world, we have thousands of satisfied customers, and they still prefer to purchase IGTV views from us.

Q.2 Why should I buy IGTV views from Qubeviews?

Qubeviews offers the best quality at pocket-friendly prices. We have a non-drop service, and a refill option in case of any drop makes us exceptional from others.

Q.3 How many IGTV views should I buy for my account?

This depends on your account needs. If you have a personal account, you can purchase a minimum to maximum, but you must go with a high number of views if you have a business account.
Qubeviews has so many different packages according to your account needs, go and select your favorite one and let people know better about you.

Q.4 What counts as a view on Instagram?

The time limit set by Instagram is 3 seconds to get a view. You just need to keep the viewer engaged for 3 seconds. We can say that a video with more views has more ability to engage others.

Q.5 Do you offer real views?

Yes, we offer real views because we know the importance of it. A real view has the power to attract more followers, likes, views and stimulate Instagram to suggest your content to new users.

Q.6 What do you need for order delivery?

Firstly, you select your favorite package, and then you only need to provide a username and video URL. As you proceed with payment, we start delivering your order.

Q.7 How do I get an IGTV view?

This is the most uncomplicated procedure, as a few clicks away. You choose the package and provide the required information. Lastly, after payment, you get views within 24 hours.

Q.8 Is this worth spending money on IGTV views?

Yes, our thousands of satisfied customers prove that investment in buying IGTV views payback in the form of fame and recognition.

Q.9 Can an Instagram video be less than a minute?

The duration of the IGTV video must be more than one minute. Videos less than 60 seconds can be posted as a regular Instagram video.

Q.10 Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

If you can’t get promising services or any other issue we offer a money-back guarantee.

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